EDGE Ovens

EDGE have only one goal: to build the best baking, highest quality, most energy efficient conveyor ovens in the marketplace. How they do this is simple: The best technology, for the best bake. EDGE conveyor ovens are designed and built with energy efficiency, affordability, simplicity, serviceability and build quality in mind.

EDGE conveyor ovens precisely control both gas and combustion air to attain maximum efficiency, creating the perfect burn at all times. Bucking the trend of value-led design, EDGE build all of their ovens out of high grade, high gauge stainless steel, selected to work under high heat temperatures. All EDGE ovens are fully formed and welded, employing the same strengthening techniques as used by aviation engineers.

EDGE founders Mark Bielstein and Mike French, both previous takeaway operators and oven refurbishers, understand the significance and importance of producing the best pizza possible, and have built the EDGE range to accommodate the subtle differences between every pizza. The EDGE range has been specifically engineered to suit your product and bake it in the best possible conditions.

EDGE Ovens product range.