‘Papa’ John Schnatter

Founder & Chairman
 / Papa John’s Pizza

Middleby has been a partner since our first restuarant in 1984. We now use their energy efficient ovens. Middleby ovens save us hundreds of dollars in each of our more than 3,000 restaurants around the world.”

Daniel Spinola

General Manager
 / M&M Kebabs, Bristol

I have recently purchased an HCW3 from Jestic Express to replace an existing unit. The existing unit, being a traditional 3 pan design, did not allow me to site the unit so it was in view of the customers. My new Jestic Express 3 pan unit allows me to display my product customer facing as the width of the unit is more in line with my floor space. My contact is Richard Norman who talked me through all of the replacement options and co-ordinated the installation so it went ahead without a problem. I am delighted with the service that I have received along with the quality of the unit that I have purchased. Thank you Jestic Express!”

Paul Holmes

Capital Pub Company
 / on a Jestic Express Wood Stone Oven

As with any quality piece of equipment it’s not the cheapest option available but we regard it as an investment rather than a cost. It is reliable, able to withstand rigorous use day in day out and continues to produce a fast, even bake even during the busiest periods. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and by comparison to most other equipment both cleaner and more efficient. But its biggest selling point has to be the fact that it brings people through the door because they know they are going to get a great dining experience that’s just a little bit different.”

Ajinder Kapoor

 / Olivia Pizza

Helpful staff, always there. Have tried other companies, but staff and equipment is a better service at Jestic. For a new starter it just has to be Jestic for advice and support.”