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Wood Stone

Bistro Series

Bistro Series


The Bistro Series ovens are constructed using the same materials as our larger units, and will provide the same intense cooking environment for pizza and more, but in a smaller footprint. Bistro ovens are perfect for instances where kitchen space is very limited, but a real oven is needed.

The variety of dishes that can be prepared in this style of oven is endless. The door is always open to allow the chef, and the guests, to keep an eye on the action.

Since we have had the Wood Stone in place, we have been very impressed with its quality.
Cyrus Todiwala, Executive Head Chef & Owner at Assado



Deck Size


Shipping weight

WS-BL-3030 750 x 955 x 1880mm 3 sq ft. 12.3kW    


WS-BL-4343 1073 x 1275 x 1930mm 7.4 sq ft. 23.3kW


WS-BL-4355 1073 x 1530 x 1930mm 9.4 sq ft. 23.3kW


WS-BL-4830 1200 x 900 x 1810mm 5.8 sq ft. 23.3kW