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Classic Pizza Oven

Classic Pizza Oven


Classic Pizza Oven has all the features you could wish for. Classic Pizza Oven is a robust and reliable oven designed to meet every user´s requirements for functionality, convenience and economy. Available in four different widths. 

Features & Benefits 

  • All types of pizzerias.
    Adaptable to most pizza restaurants.
  • Precision-built oven doors and damping with ceramic glass in the doors.
    Gives the door a smooth action and ensures convenient and safe handling.
  • Turbo function.
    Heats up the oven quickly to the set temperature.
  • AC guard. Makes it possible to connect the oven to a smaller circuit breaker.
    The oven distributes the power to the decks that needs it most.
  • Effective working halogen lighting.
    Provides whiter and more intensive working light than standard bulbs.
  • Each oven section can be individually and stepless controlled with separate settings of the top, bottom and front heat.
    Full control in the baking process. Easy to handle, understand and programme.
  • Unloading shelf and castors.
    Convenient details that makes handling and baking easier.
  • Available in four standard widths and up to three sections in height, standard crown height 160 mm.
    Suited for most pizza sizes.
  • Designed in a flexible module system.
    Gives each pizzeria the ability to create the oven that suits its needs best.
  • The well insulated oven chamber.
    Keeps the heat inside the oven.
  • Stainless steel front.
    Maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean.
  • Stone soles.
    Classic pizza baking requires solid stone soles.




No. of decks

Deck size   



1075 x 1070 x mm 1 635 x 820mm 5.4kW
DC-21P  1075 x 1070 x mm 2 635 x 820mm  10.8kW
DC-31P 1075 x 1070 x mm  3 635 x 820mm 16.2KW
DC-12P 1390 x 1075 x mm 1 950 x 820mm 7.9KW
DC-22P 1390 x 1075 x mm  2 950 x 820mm 15.8kW
DC-32P 1390 x 1075 x mm  3 950 x 820mm 23.7KW
DC-12EP 1706 x 1075 x mm  1265 x 820mm 10.4KW
DC-22EP 1706 x 1075 x mm  2 1265 x 820mm 20.8KW
DC-32EP 1706 x 1075 x mm  1265 x 820mm  31.2KW 
DC-13P 2020 x 1075 x mm 1580 x 820mm 12.9KW 
DC-23P 2020 x 1075 x mm  1580 x 820mm  25.8KW 
DC-33P 2020 x 1075 x mm  1580 x 820mm  38.7KW