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Fire Deck

Fire Deck


Wood Stone’s Fire Deck ovens are designed to provide the same excellent baking and roasting characteristics as our tried and trusted MS series ovens, but their rectangular shape and extra-wide doorway provides easier access for all types of cooking applications and great visibility.

These ovens are available in many combinations of wood-fired and/or gas burning models. The shape of the Fire Deck oven eases the space concerns sometimes associated with installation of a traditional stone hearth brick oven.

With its outstanding capacity and its mesmerising display including three flame jets, we were confident that the oven would be able to efficiently cope with the demand we required.
Chantal Nell, Operations Manager at Project Pie



Deck Size


Shipping weight

WS-FD-6045 1520 x 1150 x 1905mm 9 sq ft. 39.6kW 


WS-FD-8645 2185 x 1150 x 1980mm 15 sq ft. 64.5kW


WS-FD-9660 2432 x 1518 x 1975mm 22 sq ft. 125kW