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Henny Penny

OFE & OFG Open Fryers

OFE & OFG Open Fryers



High Volume Open Fryers

Henny Penny open fryers are designed to be the workhorse in the kitchen. These high performance fryers are easily programmable with fast temperature recovery and built in filtration as standard.

  • Available in 1, 2, or 3 well and in full or split vat configurations
  • Programmable time and temperature as standard
  • Built in filtration increases employee productivity and product quality
  • Optional 8000 Controller features 12 programmable cooks cycles and programmable filtration
  • Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and long service life
Model Number

External Size (WxDxH)

Gas KW

Electric Supply

OFE-321 441 x 949 x 1118mm - 1 x 32A (415v)
OFE-322 848 x 949 x 1118mm - 2 x 32A (415v)
OFE-323 1254 x 949 x 1118mm - 3 x 32A (415v)
OFG-321 441 x 949 x 1118mm 24.9 1 x 13A (240v)
OFG-322 848 x 949 x 1118mm 49.8 1 x 13A (240v)
OFG-323 1254 x 949 x 1118mm 74.7 1 x 13A (240v)