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Somerset CDR

Somerset CDR


Dough Rollers

These compact dough rollers are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet all your production requirements. Safe, easy to operate and clean, their ergonomic design and sturdy stainless steel construction ensure years of cost effective high performance.

High output capacity allows easy production of over 400 pieces per hour

Features two sets of rollers that can be independently controlled to give precise dough thickness

Utilises an ergonomic and convenient all-in-front operation

Features safety sensors which automatically shut off the motor

Maintenance free drive mechanism which is hygienically isolated from the rollers

Model Number

External Size (WxDxH)

Electric Supply

CDR-1100 340 x 480 x 457mm 1 x 13A (240v)
CDR-1550 483 x 635 x 648mm 1 x 13A (240v)
CDR-2000 601 x 635 x 648mm 1 x 13A (240v)