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Sveba Dahlen P-Series

Sveba Dahlen P-Series


Stone deck ovens

With the P Series, Sveba-Dahlen have taken pizza making to a new level. This unique, well insulated solution with double tempered glass makes the oven extremely energy efficient. This makes the oven economical to use and distributes the heat evenly, ensuring that the pizzas are cooked correctly without having to turn them.

Heats up quickly to the set temperature

All pizzas are evenly baked without turning the pizzas while baking

Energy efficient and well insulated with very even heat distribution

Stand and pull out shelf as standard

Various widths and numerous deck options available

Model Number

External Size (WxDxH)

Electric Supply

P401 1120 x 915 x 1725mm 1 x 16A (415v)
P402 1120 x 915 x 1825mm 1 x 32A (415v)
P403 1120 x 915 x 1925mm 1 x 32A (415v)
P601 1475 x 915 x 1725mm 1 x 32A (415v)
P602 1475 x 915 x 1725mm 1 x 32A (415v)
P603 1475 x 915 x 1725mm 1 x 32A (415v)