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Oil Management

Waste Oil Containment Tank - Indoor

Waste Oil Containment Tank - Indoor



Indoor waste oil containment tank.

Connect for Direct-Plumbed®. If your fryer does not have a built-in filtration pump, a waste oil pump is available. If the system cannot be directly plumbed, tanks are equipped with a Caddy System hookup.

  • Heavy-guage stainless steel exterior, tanks can be positioned anywhere indoors

  • Control Panel with power indication or digital reader

  • Level indicators with safety overflow protection

  • Minimal or no handling of hot waste shortening

  • Labour savings and greater employee safety

  • Available in square or round configuration

  • Various tank size options



Oil Capacity

Shipping Weight

2478SQ-NA 615x615x2172mm 567.8L 114kg
3078-NA 762x762x2159mm 757L 181kg