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Wood Stone

Wood Stone Mountain Series

Wood Stone Mountain Series



Stone fired ovens

The Wood Stone Mountain series is the natural centre piece for any show kitchen. Mountain series ovens can be clad in any design. Build your restaurant and your menu around this high production showstopper!

4-inch thick cast ceramic hearth and 4 inch thick monolithic dome

Single piece construction for both dome and floor

Fuel configurations include wood, gas or a combination of both

Ready to clad finish

Four sizes available

We have been delighted with the results we’ve achieved from the Wood Stone oven. It is very efficient despite the sizeable opening, holding consistent temperatures through the curved designs.
Domenico Crolla, Executive Head Chef at Oro

Model Number

External Size (WxDxH)

Gas KW

Electric Supply

WS-MS-4-RFG 1260 x 1260 x 1940mm 19.9 1 x 13A (240v)
WS-MS-5-RFG 1630 x 1630 x 2030mm 30.7 1 x 13A (240v)
WS-MS-6-RFG 1930 x 1930 x 2030mm 30.7 1 x 13A (240v)
WS-MS-7-RFG 2240 x 2240 x 2130mm 36.0 1 x 13A (240v)